together with Pep Tornabell, we designed an ágora/theatre for Project village,
team: Anastasia Bordian, Antony Plumb, Sean Brunswick, Carla Llaudó, Ewa Cempel, Isabel Halpern, Tamás László, María Núñez, Yara Valente
type: Main square / Infrastructure: public seating / agora

The goal of the architects and students arriving from more than 30 countries to Hello Wood’s summer workshop was to create an architectural experiment, that redefines the concept of village. The architects made constructions that reflect to each other, creating the ideal village community of Hello Wood. The village is an outgrowth of its own socio-political, historical and environmental context over a long period of time. Can this process be addressed differently? Can settlements generate their own context? Can a week-long exercise in real-time masterplanning, practicing the craft and politics of building, partying and constructing our own community lead to a new form of village? By challenging the informal and rural fantasy of the village, Project Village becomes an instant functional settlement. The major programmatic parts include those of a traditional village: Community space, dwellings, market, school, barn and so on. All is infused with the pleasure and fun of the temporary collective. ^Project Village is propaganda for reversed urbanisation^

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