Mamá Lulú (El Hijo Tonto/Caín Teatro + Luz Moreno)
was featured at the Prague Quadrennial within the Makers exhibition, performing Royal Gazpacho

Shakespeare’s King Lear (1606) is the underlaying partition of Royal Gazpacho. A slow, deliberate orchestration of a tragedy. In a space evocative of a refined butchery, we’ll see the transfiguration of ingredients for a tomato soup into dramatic images: A single bulb of garlic, still, unmoving. Hanging pouches of red. A dancing mass of tempestuous liquid.

Royal Gazpacho is a four hour performance that evolved from “Una Merienda” (Madrid, Matadero, 2014) using Shakespeare's King Lear as a theatrical theme. In our previous performance the preparation of tomato soup (in Spanish, gazpacho) emphasized the rhythm, sound and plasticity of the cooking process. In the exhibition "Makers", the text will be the score that builds a new dimension for our recipe.

Royal Gazpacho is a collaboration between theater group Caín and food designer Luz Moreno. With her knowledge and skills, we were able to experiment with making our own cooking tools, but designing them to be visually striking, sensorial and unconventional. With this, we combine a scientific approach to ways of cooking. The scenic space that we create could fit in a market square as well as an operation room, being a combination of the two.

encargo: Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2015 - Makers exhibition. Prague (CZ)
production: MAMÁ LULÚ: el hijo tonto + Caín teatro + Luz Moreno
makers: Luisa Costales Pérez-Enciso, Marta de las Heras, Teresa Martínez Pagés, María Núñez, Luis Amália, Lux Nieve, Luz Moreno Pinart
sound atmosphere: Andrés Juste Hernández
costume design: Álvaro Borrajo Alemany
photography: Narcís Molina Montasell